Sunday, February 19, 2012

ya ! I'm bad but I fall for you..

this is my real confession
not really the full one.
takkan nak tulis semua kan
but its enough to share about 
my feeling-feeling right now

I'm really-really bad in English 
seriously !! too bad !! 
( that's why I just got band 3 in MUET 
and got C+ 
for my English university course )
I can tell you 
that I'm fall in love with you

I'm bad in History 
(I'm always confuse who is Sarawak warrior
is it Rosli Dhobi or Mat Kilau
how Malaysia can get 'Merdeka' )
I can remember when I first saw you
it's quite a long-long time ago.. 
you wear grey shirt and black slack kan ? 
and FYI, I wear same colour too.
and I still remember how you looks on that day.
I look at you and you just walk go away in front of me.
but on that time I didn't know 
that one day I'm will fall in love with you..
I just said in my heart 
"budak ni pun boleh tahan juga"

I'm bad in Geography 
(when I in form 3 during in PMR tuition class,
I had say to my teacher 
that I didn't know 
which one Kelantan and which one is Terengganu 
because I never go there)
 I can tell you that you live in heart
not for a year I know you
from I be 'budak sekolah' until 
I'm getting more matured..
Along that time 
I don't know how many boys
 that I fall in love.
and you know all my love story yang-tak-jadi 
but you always in my heart 
without I realize.
SubhanaAllah. kuasa Allah kan.
semoga aku tak menyanyanginya 
lebih dari aku menyayangiMU.

I'm bad in Sports 
I can tell how my heart jumps when I remember you
right now I starting to get jealous 
when I know there are another girl
who fall for you too.
but I always remind my self
"dia bukan milik kau lagi.
dia milik Allah"
and when you tell me or 
I get know that you fall in
love with somebody,
I always said 
"huh ! kenapa bukan aku ? "
and I try to put smile on my face when 
I'm in front on you
I know it's really a fake ones.
Allah tahu apa aku rasa.

I'm bad in Chemistry 
(I really hate to know and 
memorize 'jadual berkala',
alkana,alkuna and gas adi..apa tu ?? )
I can tell what's the reaction when you smile
and hye ! 
now I'm feeling that 
got many butterfly flying inside my stomach
when every time I meet you 
and you smile 
any time you said "Assalamualaikum"
and I just say in my heart 
" Oh, Ya Allah !! kalau apa yang aku rasa ini salah.. 
jauhilah aku dari perasaan begini.. 
sesungguhnya aku tak melebihkan dia dari 
melebihi perasaan aku terhadap Kau.." 

I'm bad in Physics 
(there got so many formula 
that using alphabet like V,U,S,T)
 I can tell the intensity of 
spark of my eyes when they see you
my eyes will look at you in silence
until I talk in my heart
"tak baik tengok anak bujang orang macam tu"
but when you talk to me and stare to my eyes
I suddenly melt like makan-ABC-tengah-panas
but right now I always try to stop my 
eyes from looking at you
because I know it's sin.
and I more afraid with Allah's judgement
than I lose you.

I'm bad in Pendidikan Islam
but I can tell you that I'm always redha with the destiny
I know it's may be wrong to fall in love with you
and you more deserve a person more better than me
if one day Allah answer my prayer
I will always ALHAMDULILLAH.
because Allah answer my prayer.
Oh ! my parents will be most happy
when I meet a person that kind like you.
if you marry with another person
I will pray that you will be always happy,
I hope I will be strong enough
and I can find someone like you or 
more better than you.

I'm bad in my life but I can tell you that
 I fall for you because I need you 

if I fall for you because of your face, 

I think I can find the more handsome one
if I fall for you because of your money, 
I think I can find the more rich 
but I fall for you 
because your sincere,
your soul, 
your Iman 
and I need you to guide me
to bring me to Jannah with you.

from me
-kuala perlis,0214am-

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