Friday, September 4, 2009

minggu lepas = minggu jiwa kacau

musim kesibukan dan jiwa kacau sudah habis..
memang betul2 buat jadi sewel dan zombi !!
tapi untuk minggu nie jer...
adeyyyy !!! ~~~( xbek mengeluh,izzianti !! )

"..there's no revenge. ..!! what I had done last time got a meaning..
I not betray anybody.. or even make anybody hurt.. didn't mean to do that..
but I do this things because it for your own goodness and
I want you realize what means
'step on your own feet..try become more matured..think and behave like adult..'
not need explanation or even bad words on behind your/my back..
try to think.. not judging !!
give forgiving is more better than begging for forgiveness
everything happens for a reason,right ??"

-ucapan ini dibawa khas oleh
untuk orang2 itu..-

coming up next !!
who knows maybe the next day are more bad
or more better than the last time..
don't lost your focus and your spirit..
( manufacturing hebat kan !! we can do it !!)

~ org sibuk belajar.. alien nie pon sibuk gak wat homework .. ish3 !!! die pown nak jiwa kacau juga~

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