Saturday, February 14, 2009

QUOTES again !!!!!!!

"For every beauty,there is an eye somewhere to see it . For every truth,there is an ear somewhere to hear. For every love,there is a heart somewhere to receive it.” Taken from kian wei’s shout out.. ( I called him LHEN CAI .. )

Think about what you are going to say
Just act on what's in your heart
Open yourself to the positive potential
Just do what you can now
Be aware of your self-directed negativity
Be honest about your true feelings
~ taken from Tarot horoscope… I just love the quotes not about all the horoscope’s things…

“ Terkadang orang lebih mudah melupakan dari memaafkan “ DR. Dimas a.k.a gunawan
“ cinta terbaik adalah cinta yang mampu mendamaikan hati kita “ alya

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