Monday, October 26, 2009

.. what u give , u will get back ..

you will get what u really deserve to get

.now are your day,
next time i'll make sure that day will be mine.

~those people only want to ruin my life.
i don't want to delete them from my life
but i'm just want to make them invisible~


emmetRaxor said...

neh tak puaih aty kat sapa plak??
dunia dah nak kiamat..
perang sana,perang sini..
apa nak jadi..
peace no war..

easy said...

ade la makhhluk2 tue..
mne ley gtaw...

nie bkn perang laa..
btumbuk pown x..
huhuhuhuhu.. !!

Lynn Rahman said...

chill eg chill..

easy said...

yaa.. !!
i'm going to cool back right now..

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