Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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محمد اشرف زاباني @asyrafzabani

  • Eid doesn't require loads of preparation. Don't fall into this trap! Keep it simple, and it will be blessed. InsyaAllah.

  • Avoid shopping a lot in Ramadan

  • Don't stay awake the full night. Your body has a right over you, and when it wants rest, then rest.

  • Avoid having Iftar parties. Ramadan wasn't meant to be a food extravaganza

  • Don't waste time playing games during the day. Rather, please Allah by increasing in your worship of him

  • Avoid being lazy and inactive during the day

  • Don't sleep during the day and pray all night. By doing this you are converting the day into night and the night into day

  • For whoever fasts Ramadan and then follows it with six days of Shawwal, it is as if he fasts all the time

  • Repent to Allah with a sincere repentance in all times by leaving sins, regretting those that you have done before

  • Increase in supplication for yourself, your parents, your children & Muslims, for Allah has ordered making of supplications

  • Do not let fasting cause you cross your boundaries by getting upset due to the slightest of reasons. 

  • Preserve your tongue from lying, cursing, backbiting and slander for it decreases the reward of fasting

  • Cease the opportunity of being in Ramadan and spend it with the good that has been revealed - by reciting the noble Qur'an

  • Hasten breaking your fast after the sun has truly set in order to gain the love of Allah. 

  • Seek help for fasting during the day by eating the Sahur meal in the last part of the night before the appearance of Fajr.

  • Beware of spending your time without performing righteous deeds, for you will be responsible and reckoned for it.

  • Give a lot of charity for the best charity is that of Ramadan.

  • Perform your five prayers on time in congregation to gain the reward and Allah's protection. 

  • Give food to some fasting people to gain a reward similar to theirs.

  • Make sure that your food, your drink and your clothing are from halal means, in order that your actions be accepted. 

  • Pray Solat Taraweeh during the nights of Ramadhan - especially on Layatul-Qadr - based on seeking the reward of Allah.

  • Beware of breaking your fast during the days of Ramadan without a valid Islamic excuse, for it is from the greatest of sins.

  • Fast Ramadan with belief and truly seeking the reward of Allah the Most High so that He may forgive you your past sins.

*angry bird pun tak boleh marah

" beribadat lah seperti ini adalah Ramadhan terakhir untuk kita "
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