Tuesday, August 4, 2009

...it's all about us..you and me...- C & B -

there's a many things in my life that i can't understand...
expecially about you..
those feeling still same..
those feeling never change..
and you will never know about those feeling..

the condition between us right now become so complicated..
i didn't know why and how this situation change so suddenly..
in a week ..
only in one week..
once we so happy with each others..
once we so depressed..

you never know..
that moment make me happy until now..
even it's only in a short time..
always remain in my mind..

you never know
that i want to thanks to you
a lot-lot of thanks
because u make me feel happiness .. !!!
thanks a lot even it's only for a while..
maybe you never realize about that things..
and I'm so sorry if i had ruins your life..
i never mean to do that..
never want to..

you never know that
i never blame you ....
i never want to..
maybe it's only me that feel this feeling..

i don't want you to feel uncomfortable..
i don't want you to feel guilty..
i don't mean to hurt you..
sorry for everything..

you never know that
i always think about you..
and I'm always worried about you..
i care about you..
when all of this burdens seems on your shoulder..
i hope i can carry it too with you..

i always pray to GOD..
that everything will become more better than this..
i don't want to see you like this..
i want you.. the old you..
you on that moment..

even this day you are not mine..
and maybe someday you never become mine
i hope you always happy and
our relationship still remains as a friend..,
i hope the calmness, successful and
happiness will always on your side

~ ..you right , this feeling make world goes round.. ~
~ and i hope you read this posting ~
~this posting will become the last posting about us~

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