Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh My English !!!

you dah watch the new series at Astro TVIQ bertajuk "OhMyEnglish!" ??

Ya ! This learning series are good for betulkan anyone English. So, don't worry if you already 24 years old , then feel malu-malu because the budak form 3 or form 4 more terer ber-english than you. you can cover like " nak tengok cikgu kacak je kat citer ni "

the cikgu in this series is really so-too kacak !! so, when it become so-too kacak, the word kacak can be kachak. Like eat transform to past tense become ate.. Eh ! Too bad la you.. You ruin the Malay language la Izzi !!

Eh ! Not this cikgu laa..
But this one !!

Oh ! Glowing bersinar-sinar Mr Henry Middleton.
but I note that,he not adik-ipar to Prince William

this is one of short-series of  "OhMyEnglish!"

haa ! later Astro or another stesyen TV need to make another "ohmy" series..

Oh My Tajwid ? Good idea what !!

1 comment:

mfadhlan said...

oh my tajwid dah ada ker?

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