Friday, March 12, 2010

sport's tournament

they said :
if you do something with your fully sincerely heart
and efforts with prays,
you will get what you deserved to get..

i'd think it's really true..

i just entered badminton match for inter-school 's sports
tournament along this week
and be one of the players as representative for my course
(school of manufacturing engineering)

with no preparation mentally and physically,
(this is the first time i entered sport's tournament at UNIMAP)
we get 4th place from 7 school..
not bad ya ??

honestly i'm still sad and regret for the lose..
but this is a game,right ??
there are winner and loser...
and life also a game ,right ??

now i know what lee chong wei's feel after lose the tournament..

thanks to shahir,sifoo2,en.zaki,en.nazry,
the other manufacturing's players,friends and also
my teammates (dira,ira,nik,umairah,naim anda shalieza)

tiba2 pula nak tulis blog dalam bi..
maaf ayat tunggang langgang..
almaklum la
muet dapat band 3 jer..

mode : penat + emo

1 comment:

Zala Wajik said...

yup memang betul, kita tak prepared selengkapnya pon kadang2 hasilnya sangatlah mengejutkan :)

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