Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tips for losing your weight..

you want to lose your weight ?? 
i got good tips for you..

1-never skips your meals
just eat 5-7 times a day but not the heavy ones.. but in a less quantity only..
and don't eat 2-3 hours before you sleep.. 
if you really2 starving just like i-want-t0-eat-or-i-will-die., just eat your pillow ..

2- control your desire (betol ke ayat aku nie)
 if you see the damn-delicious food
control your mind,, if you see or you smell that foods, just go to another place.. 
don't look at  it.. close your eyes..
but beware..
watch out where you steps or you will get into the drain or just bump to the 
( but if the person are handsome, just bump him and say
" opsss..!! maaf,awak.. tersengaja ")

3- increase your active's level
not just need to jog or go to the gym.. 
but do some activities that can burn your all the saturated fat 
(lemak tepu laa..)
just like :
-don't use lift even your office at level 30
-do activities that give you many benefits in once like clean your house or so on..
if not enough, you also can clean your neighbor's house too..

 4- know your own calories level
also need to know your BMI.. either stable or not.. 
either your weight are suitable with your height... 

and this is some of activities that really can help to burn your fat
take your time or hang out with your friend go to trekking or walking..
so, you also can gossiping chattering... hehehe..
good for mouth-exercise.. 
(at this moment i didn't go to trekking because i got fever.. that's why i just wearing flip flop.. 
oh.. no.. selipar jepun je.. )
at this moment, we all joined 7 pillars 10 km walking
from wang ulu to stadium utama,kangar..

ooo.. no..!!  i'm look really too excited..
" gila kamera.. "

and look at this..
i'm look really big..
aiyooo !! 

come on , izzi... 
exercise-exercise... !!
diet-diet !! 
(ooo.... i'm craving for Mcd's double cheese burger)

credit to : kevin zahri
my new fitness's adviser
(ok... tipu jee..)

you know what ??
 right now,  
i'm really hate the 'busy-body person'

mind your own business ok !! 


Izwaashura Sadali said...

ko dh gain weight ler..quite chubby! kahkahkah...

easy said...

huhuhu... that's why right now i want to lose my weight.. nak naik tangga pown da mengah... :D

shasha bee said...

err...ader tips nak gain weight takk? C:

easy said...

gain weight ?? mkn byk2... hehhehe..

kat webpage kevin zahri tue ade tips2 die..

FiesyaaChacha said...

babe, i skipped my meal, almost all the time. huuuu.

easy said...

fiesya : huhuhu.. never skips ur meals.. ur stomach need fully recovery after u woke up.. so, u need energy until u get ur lunch.. it also can prevent u too look too pale or tired in the morning..

(ceehhh.. macam pakar kesihatan pula..)

sonnet™ said...

weyh kembo!
bapak laa chubby ko
pe ko makan?
aku melantak cm ape..x naek2 pon,,isk3~
bak sket lemak! :P

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