Saturday, February 26, 2011

she is the best because she is my emak.

the best and softest place that i ever been :
your arm

the best restaurant who make delicious food in the world : 
your kitchen

the best place that willing to carry me in nonstop in 9 month 
your stomach

the best shield that always protect me in every moment in my life : 
your hands

the best recorder always patient to hear every single of my words : 
your ear

the best CCTV that watch me grow up :
your eyes

the best phrase and quotes that i always like hear : 
your words

the best thing i ever keep in my mind in every second on my life :
your face and your heart

the best and strongest things that i ever known :
your patient and calmness 

the words that always come out from my mouth in my pray :
your name

the best medicine that i wants when every time i sick or sad :
your care and your voice

the prettiest and most adorable picture that i ever seen :
your face

the best place that i will find when i want to cry : 
your shoulder

the best loyal and true friend that i can laugh and cry with : 

even i'll try to find at every single books in the best library or encyclopedia 
in the world..
i never find the best words to describe about you.. 
i'll try.. but lastly i give up..

because i knew you are my mother
i'm glad i'm your daughter..


*mak saya pun pandai posing macam saya..


Izwaashura said...

Mak ckp, "Ada jer dia..." huhuhuhuuh...

Mak ckp lagi, "The best MAK yang tunggu ko kat skola!" (without any giveup for 2 years!!!) hahahahahaha....

easy said...

haha.. lupe nk statekn yg tu

Anonymous said...


it supposed to be alhamdulillah?

easy said...

anonymous.. : terima kasih atas teguran anda. i already correct it..

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