Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tagging ooo tagging...

i'm quite busy right now..
(honestly... tak tipu... !!!)
so many things need to complete..
watching movies,playing badminton,
and catch up my super duper gila-bengong exam...
it just around the corner..
and i still playing around like..
"laa.. exam je pun.."
and i'm really homesick..
" mak..orang tak sabar nak balik..
miss you,ayah...and i'm really craving for
cekodok pisang and mcflurry oreo"
(oOOo, perlis..!! bila la nak buka McD nie...)

please do the tagging,cik izzianti sadali...
(this tagging are from krebiozen who always give me a new name : alin-aleen.. hehehe.. )

(gambar curi dari internet.. tak sempat nak snap gambar kasut sendiri..)

brand :

warna :
purple and also light pink
harga :
the purple one = RM ......
and the other ones,
my sister bought it for me.. so FOC la..

tahun beli :

sebab beli :
i want something that really comfort and also can be use to
hahaha... just joke..
and the light pink i didnt bought la..
my sister give it to me because she can't wear it..
kaki terbesar... 

orang yang anda tag :
kamu la..

piolo pascual sangat kacak kan..

ooo.. tiba la pula ...

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