Monday, April 19, 2010

when you are falling in love

did you fall in love
 with someone.. ??
try to read this.. 
this is maybe one of the ku-sudah-jatuh-cintasymptom that you will feel or do when you fall in love with someone.. 


you will always want to look at him/her..
even he/she want to go to toilet,
you still want to watch every his/her step and wait until he/she
come out from the toilet
and you will say 
"oo.. wanginya dia.. bau pencuci toilet.. harpics perisa lavender.."
you want to find him/her when he/she are not around..
when you meet him/her,that person said hi or just smile to you, you feeling like
jantung-tergolekgolek jatuh
"ooooo.. mama... saya mahu kahwin.. "
(sambil cair macam ais kena jemur tengah panas)
and when that person standing in front of you..
but he didn't realize feel like..
"pandang la sini.. ish2..."


you will always open his/her page.. 
either facebook/blog or etc..
and that page is the first things that will come out from 
your mind when you open your laptop or PC..
"dia update apa ya hari ni ??"
and when that person are online, you are really excited..
jumping-jumping monkey on your bed.. 
singing the love song loudly..
and smile like 'orang-gila' infront your laptop,pc.. 
and you will see every his/her photo even you already see it everyday...
"tidakkk... kenapa dia makin kacak...??"


you will like and do everything that the person like to do too..
if the person like to eat nasi lemak + tomato sos..
you will eat like that too.. even you feel like..
"oooo.. tak sedap nya..."
if the person are die hard fan of manchester united..
you automatically will support it too 
even you didn't know anything about the things that the person likes....
" betul la .. si wayan roni tu main untuk barcelona..hari tu dia lawan kat AFC cup pakai baju biru putih..."


when someone else praise him/her ..
especially the same gender with you, you feel like..
" capaikan pisau tu.. rasa macam nak cincang orang je"
when someone else storied about the person..
you will excited want to hear it and ask detail..
especially about his/her attitude, story life or etc..
and your ear will become bigger like telinga-gajah
"slow sangat la suara dorang ni.."


that person is the first things and the last things that will come out on your mind
when you wake up and when you sleep..
you will 'tepuk' your pillow 3 times and says her/his name 
and hope you will see him/her on your dream..


when you read my entry..
you'd imagine someone..
"oooo.. betul la.. 
aku dah jatuh pankreas hati..
sila hantar ke tanjung rambutan segera"

but.. if you fall in love with someone..
 you will feel it..
even you can't say it..
and they said..
if you feel the butterfly in your stomach that's means
the person that you like are also thinking about you too...
(oo.. kupu2.. terbang la dalam perut aku)

ooo.. jericho..
mahal na mahal kita... 

* kalau aku jatuh cinta
 seseorang tu
aku akan doakan dia bahagia..
dan aku harap bahagia dia itu adalah kerana aku..
woooo.... izzi sudah jiwang...
 tutup entry


Putri_Aizat said...

haha...everybody in pun de...

easy said...



so many can be in love♥_♥_♥_♥_♥


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